How do you nominate someone for an       Australian honour?

Nominating someone for an Australian Honours Award is achieved through completing an online application form. However, giving your application the best chance of success is the speciality of the expert team at Bayleaf Honours who have helped many hopeful nominees on the journey to their award.

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    What are the Australian Honours awarded for?

    There are a number of different Australian Honours Awards which are awarded for different reasons.

    The main Australian honour is the Order of Australia which confers the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service. The Medal of the Order of Australia is awarded for service worthy of particular recognition.

    One of the most common awards is the Australian Bravery Awards recognise people who, without thought of personal risk, displayed courage and bravery to protect or defend others. If you are nominating someone for this award, it is important to provide a very detailed account of the incident with media links and witness reports. Bayleaf Honours are able to help you compile all of this information into a credible and well organised presentation.

    There is also the National Emergency Medal, which is awarded to persons who rendered sustained or significant service during nationally-significant emergencies in Australia.

    Then a number of Meritorious Service Awards which are reserved for members of the public service industry such as Police, Fire & Ambulance services.

    For members of the Australian Defence Force there are Distinguished Service Decorations which recognise service in warlike operations. There are also a number of other awards available to members of the Australian Defence Force.

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