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How to Write Great Support Letters

You’ve pushed through the awkwardness of asking the various friends, colleagues and acquaintances you know for an honours support letter. People are busy, and asking them to write a support letter feels like an imposition. (Maybe you’ve used our services to help.) But just getting any old letter...

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What an Honour can do for you

For many, the idea of being awarded an honour is a far-flung fantasy. Many don’t realise the nomination process is open to anyone and believe that only the aristocracy or famous are considered. But actually, the vast majority of honours are awarded to regular people doing extraordinary things for...

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Let’s Talk About Success Rates

OK, so we have talked about success rates before but understandably, the question keeps coming up from prospective clients – especially after they have talked to our competitors who use that number very heavily in their marketing as a way of justifying their pricing model. They challenge...

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