The Definitive Guide to Winning or Receiving a Queen's Honour

One of Our Most Asked Questions - "What Do I Need To Do To Win An Honour?"

Charity / Voluntary Work is Key

In our review of the statistics related to Honours recipients, it became clear that charity & voluntary work is vital. About 10% of Honours go to diplomats, military personnel and other dignitaries, 15% go to business people, entertainers and sports people who have enhanced the reputation of the UK overseas and the remaining 75% are given to people from the charity and voluntary fields.
Which means that if this isn't a significant part of your CV, an Honour might be difficult for you.

Sometimes, our clients say "I don't want to apply now, but maybe in 5 years time. What should I be doing to prepare?". The answer always is "give back" - through charity, social work, pro-bono activities or volunteering.


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