2022 Birthday Honours – A Year of Progress?

Windsor Castle

The prestigious birthday honours list features a variety of incredible people who have been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II during the year. The list is there to celebrate these individuals who have excelled in helping to make the UK a better place by enhancing their own communities alongside contributing to nationwide services.   Anybody can…

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What is a Queen’s Honour and other Honours Questions

What is a Queen’s Honour? A Queen’s Honour is an award for individuals and businesses who have made an impact in their communities, the country and/or the world. They are given to people or groups who are dedicated to making the lives of others better or for those at the top of their profession. These…

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Female Representation in the 2021 Queen’s Honours

The 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours list was full of covid heroes and a more diverse group of individuals than ever before. At a nearly 50/50 split of male and female honourees, it’s making headlines for progressive benchmarks. But at the most senior levels, women make up only 39% of awards. It has some brows furrowed,…

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Famous faces of the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be analysing and running deep dives into the 2021 Queen’s Honours list. You may have heard by now that it’s the most diverse list to date with better minority representation and gender equality than in previous years. In fact, more women than men received awards for the first time…

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How we can help non-UK residents win a Queen’s Honour

Honours as an Expat

You may think that honours are restricted to British citizens only. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no requirement for nominees to be resident or a citizen of the United Kingdom to win an honour. And many leaders in STEM, Finance and Tech have applied and successfully been awarded. So, if you’re…

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How to Write Great Support Letters

Support Letters

You’ve pushed through the awkwardness of asking the various friends, colleagues and acquaintances you know for an honours support letter. People are busy, and asking them to write a support letter feels like an imposition. (Maybe you’ve used our services to help.) But just getting any old letter really won’t be sufficient. In order to…

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