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"I wish had approached Bayleaf four years ago when I first thought of engaging help for a Queen’s Honour. The level of detail knowing what is required, as well as the ability to coax the relevant information to support a successful application, I can say with experience, is second-to-none. Bayleaf’s approach that every individual is different – and so every approach has to be tailored – is both unique and also comforting that you’re giving yourself the best chance of recognition in the process."

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    How To Get An MBE?

    Get Help With Your MBE Application or Nomination

    How do I get an MBE? Or apply for Queen’s Honours of a different type? The process isn’t difficult. An online form from the British Government needs to be filled in according to the guidelines which are available on the site. Then, at least two letters of support need to be included.

    So, what does it take for an MBE nomination to have a good chance of success? A track record of outstanding results in giving back to the community or helping society PLUS some passionate supporters willing to write on your behalf PLUS a compelling and well-written nomination form EQUALS A Great Chance of Success.

    Bayleaf Honours are the ONLY Honours Specialists who provide “No Risk” nomination packages. We are so confident in our expertise and approach, that if you choose one of our No-Risk services, we refund 100% of your fee if you are not successful*. Check out the product page or our explainer video for further information. 

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    No sign-up required, only 2 minutes to see if you could be eligible for one of the Queen’s Honours – and if the results look good, we can help you with how to win an MBE.

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    How Do You Get an MBE?

    You have a colleague or loved one who you think deserves an honour from the Queen and a trip to Buckingham Palace but don’t know how to go about it?

    Here are our five quick steps showing how to get an MBE:

    1. Build a portfolio of community-based or outstanding contributions over a long period of time.
    2. Create a network of people around you who can support and guide you.
    3. When the time is right, layout in bullet point form your main achievements. Not just the work, but also the results.
    4. Write your achievements in a way that is as compelling and clear as possible for the nomination form.
    5. Gather supporters’ letters to add depth and credibility to your nomination.

    Don’t have the time or writing skills for that? No problem.

    That’s why Bayleaf Honours exists.

    We are 100% focused on Queen’s Honours and we don’t work on business or export awards. Our services are fully dedicated to THIS.

    Potential clients are often uncertain about our process and the order in which we do things. Well, it’s no secret – here are the steps

    Do you know your CBEs from your OBEs? 

    There are several different awards, but there is no such thing as an MBE nomination form. We don’t get to choose which we apply for – it’s one application process for all honours. But it’s useful to understand the difference.

    Below, our guide briefly explains the different awards in the British Honours System and the various ranks.

    Remember, it is the committee that decides what somebody should be awarded. For a full overview and information on nominating, please see our comprehensive process page.

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    Mike McKie explains the Queen’s Honours application process.


    Who Is Eligible For An MBE And What Is The Process?

    From the UK Government Website:

    Of course, there are always fewer Honours than people who deserve them. Because they are rare, they should be reserved for people:

    • Firstly, who have changed things especially by solid, practical achievement or outstanding service;
    • Or, whose work has brought distinction to British life or enhanced the UK’s reputation

    What goes into an MBE award? And what does it stand for?

    Member of the Order of the British Empire

    The MBE is awarded to individuals who have provided long-term, significant service to the community, or who have been responsible for significant community impact. Recipients will be those who stand out as a positive example to others.

    How Can Bayleaf Honours Help You With Your MBE Nomination?

    We understand how to create an honest and effective case which uses the factors which are important to the selection committee members, civil servants and the Government. Because of that, we give you an honest assessment of the chances of success based on the facts and then if you want to proceed, we will write the nomination with you.

    Finally, in addition to the nomination itself, we can also help the supporters that you choose to write their letters.

    how can bayleaf honours help
    • Experienced writers
    • Realistic assessment
    • Detailed Investigation
    • Affordable pricing (from £200)
    • Transparent process
    • Compelling Application
    • Free consultation
    • No added extras
    • Supporting Documentation

    How We Work To Help Your MBE Nomination

    When the current nomination process was introduced in the 1990s, the reason was to allow members of the public to easily nominate the everyday heroes and heroines we meet in our lives. The Honours shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and elite.

    So that’s how we work at Bayleaf – sensible pricing for writing great nominations. We charge fees that are significantly lower than our competitors to allow more people to nominate their loved ones and respected colleagues.

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    Our Guaranteed Market-Best Pricing

    Honours Nomination

    ✓ Phone Consultation

    ✓ Questionnaire Assessment

    ✓ Completion of Nomination Form

    ✓  Writing of Compelling Case

    ✓ Supporting Documentation

    ✓ Detailed Research

    ✓ 12 month payment plan available

    What Our Clients Are Saying


    Experienced, professional and accessible. My experience with Bayleaf Honours was very enjoyable. I found the team there to be unpretentious, honest and transparent. My nomination was written in a compelling, comprehensive & timely manner. Their fees are fair and readily available. I had full access to all team members and felt my nomination was in the best hands.

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    Why Choose Bayleaf Honours For Your MBE Nomination?

    At Bayleaf, we provide our clients with affordable expertise every day. Of course, there are other providers of nomination services who charge very differently to our simple pricing structure. We built our business with low overheads so we can charge low prices to our clients. For example, our writers work remotely so we don’t pay for office space. Also, our process works exclusively online, so nobody has to pay travel expenses.

    That means that we can commit to beating any other price for a similar service – by a lot! If you have received a genuine offer from any established competitor of ours, send the offer to us and we guarantee to beat the price by a lot! 

    We operate a high integrity business. So we don’t make promises about our chances of success and we don’t claim to have influence or inside knowledge of the process. Our clients receive an honest assessment of success, compelling writing & in-depth research. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Finally, our business is 100% focused – we don’t allow ourselves to be distracted with business awards or other nominations. Securing recognition for you is our relentless passion.

    5 Good Reasons to Use Bayleaf Honours

    You may have just learned about honours writing services and that’s how you’ve stumbled onto this article. Perhaps you’re thinking of someone you’d like to nominate or you’re unclear what an honours writing service could do to help you. Here are five reasons why using an honours writing service just makes sense:

    Fun Facts about Queen’s Honours

    Twice a year we hear debate about the Queen’s Honours – both in terms of the recipients chosen and the reasons that some people reject their award. But how much do you really know? What are the rules? And who turned their award down?

    * For full details about No Risk Nominations, please see our Terms and Conditions, and consult our No-Risk Nomination page.