How to nominate someone for an MBE

When our customers commission Bayleaf Honours to act on their behalf, regarding an MBE nomination, we use our years of expertise right from the start.

We understand the uniqueness of every nomination we undertake, and by reflecting the nature of the individual’s successes, commitments and expertise, the nomination delivers significantly high chances of success.

Nominating someone for an MBE is far more than a form filling process. A thoughtful, compelling and well-written nomination form delivers the maximum chance of an MBE being awarded.

MBE Nominations

There is a lot of advice from the various government departments on how to fill out the forms and increase the chances of your nominee being honoured, so we have collated all of the advice as well as some useful hints and tips below…

Honours are given to people involved in many different fields including:

  • sport
  • Community and voluntary services
  • science and technology
  • civil or political service
  • The arts 
  • education
  • business and the economy

If you know someone who deserves to be recognised, Bayleaf Solutions can give them the best chance to be honoured for their work.

The Process

So let’s get down to business, regarding the actual process that needs to be gone through. You can submit your nomination at any time of the year and there are no particular deadlines for applications. In terms of timing you need to know that the awards are announced twice a year, on The Queen’s Birthday (mid-June) and in the New Year’s Honours which naturally falls at the end of December.

Once a nomination is received, civil service officials are required to carry out the relevant background checks to confirm identity and legality (HMRC checks, criminal record check etc.) The process can take around 12-18 months for a nomination to be processed. All nominations are initially assessed by a committee from the area the nominee is active (e.g. where they volunteer or fundraise), and is then passed on to a Cabinet Office committee for further appraisal.

To nominate someone, there are basic documents that need to be submitted, as follows:

  • A citation written by the agent or individual who is making the nomination.
  • Two supporting letters written by people to provide a wider perspective on why that person is being nominated.

The citation that is presented will be the only evidence that most of the people involved in the official assessment process will see regarding your chosen nominee, so it is important to make sure that it is as compelling as possible, with attention to detail and terminology. This is where our expertise really comes to the fore.

Your citation needs to include:

  • Your nominee’s name, age, address and contact details
  • Details of relevant work or volunteering they’ve done
  • Details of any awards or other recognition they’ve received

Talk to us today about changing someone’s life who truly deserves it, by nominating them for an MBE.