Let’s Talk About Success Rates

OK, so we have talked about success rates before but understandably, the question keeps coming up from prospective clients – especially after they have talked to our competitors who use that number very heavily in their marketing as a way of justifying their pricing model. They challenge clients quite openly to come back to us and dive deeply into our success rate.

It’s a discussion we enjoy having!

We have laid out in the other post why we decided not to market ourselves on that….the summary of that is – why do you care what our record with other people, more than 3 years ago, was? Shouldn’t you care what your chance of success is?

To be clear, we don’t believe that we, or anybody else, can make you 5 times more likely to receive an award if you use us versus if you don’t. And we don’t even know what “10% likely to win” means. That if you apply 100 times, you will receive an award 10 times? That doesn’t make any sense – if your nomination is good enough and you apply 100 times, it will succeed 100 times. If it’s not, you won’t. It’s not a lottery.

But then, surely a success rate of 60% is very impressive versus an average of 10%?

Well, is it? That 10% figure includes everybody who chooses to apply and many of the applicants don’t even meet the basic criteria and are rooted out very quickly. And our competitors, like us, say that they choose their candidates very carefully and don’t take anybody on as a client unless they are very sure that they stand a good chance. They say that they turn down 50% of their prospective clients, which is about the same number that we turn down – neither of us want to take money trading in false hope. (In that regard, we are very similar – we operate very ethical businesses.)

But wait – if somebody is pre-selecting clients to pick the best of the field, and using their expertise to make sure that only very worthy candidates become clients – can it be that only 60% of them are successful? Shouldn’t that percentage be much higher than what is only marginally better than a coin toss? If we understand those claims properly – we think it translates as “We only select candidates that we are certain will receive something, but in the end, only slightly more than half do”. Hmmm.

So – what do we say?

Our position is clear – if you are unlikely to win an award, we probably can’t help you to succeed. You probably won’t receive one. But – every year – there are people who DO deserve to receive an award who do NOT receive one because their application was sloppy, missing things, didn’t have the right letters of support etc. That’s where we come in – we make sure that if you deserve an award, we give you the very best chance of success. You will never look back and say – “Should I have done something different?”

You aren’t 5 times more likely to win with us – we don’t make those kind of questionable promises. But you will stand a better chance with us in your corner than without.

And, with pricing at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, talk to us and see why we attract more clients than anybody else in the market at the moment. Or why not try our Self-Assessment tool to see if you meet the criteria to apply – it’s fast, free and you don’t need to register to use it.