Nominating Someone For An Honour – How We Work

How To Nominate Someone – The Honours Process

When the current honours nomination process was introduced in the 1990s, the motivation was to allow members of the public to more easily nominate the everyday heroes and heroines we meet in our lives, that amazing someone that never asks for anything but gives back to their community in countless ways; that the honours shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and elite.

We want to:
  • Democratize (By making recognition expertise affordable)
  • Demystify (By offering straightforward advice) &
  • Diversify (By incentivizing applications from underrepresented groups)
the process of receiving Royal Recognition.

We have used that philosophy in designing how we work at Bayleaf – affordable pricing for writing great nominations by trained writers & journalists.

We will write the nomination for you using information you provide to us, discussions with contacts and friends and also any research we think might be needed.

Here are our five quick steps showing how to get a Queen’s Honour:

  1. Build a portfolio of community-based or outstanding contribution over a meaningful period of time.
  2. Nuture a network of people around you who can support, advise and guide you.
  3. When the time is right, lay out in bullet point form your main achievements – not just the work, but the results.
  4. Write your achievements in a way which is as compelling and clear as possible for the nomination form.
  5. Gather supporters’ letters to add depth and credibility to your nomination.

Don’t have the time or writing skills for that? No problem. That’s why Bayleaf Honours exists.

We are 100% focused on Queen’s Honours – we don’t work on business or export awards – we offer fully dedicated services.

That means that we can commit to beating any other price for a similar service – by a lot! If you have received a genuine offer from any established competitor of ours, send the offer to us and we guarantee to beat the price by 50%! 

What We Do

If you want to nominate somebody for a Queen’s Honour, this is how we go about it…

  • We have a phone conversation with you where you explain the nomination to us.
  • After we give you an assessment of success, we send you an online questionnaire to give us initial information about the candidate and what services you would like
  • You pay either all, or a portion of the fee and then we start to create the nomination. Depending on the complexity of the research needed, it will take us 2-4 weeks to complete the first draft of the document.
  • We send you the draft for your approval and will perform unlimited iterations until we are both happy with the document.
  • The nomination will be submitted.

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Insights and Updates

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