Personal Award Writers

Winning Personal Awards for Achievements in Business, Charity or Social Work is Rightful Recognition – and We Can Help.

As a goal-driven individual, you already recognise the value of personal awards to grow your stature, profile and credibility within your network. You understand that you can achieve your goals faster with the kudos of peer- or industry- granted recognition.

But you maybe don’t have the time or expertise to properly craft a compelling nomination.

That’s where we can help.

Which Personal Awards?

We can help with the following types of awards :-

  • Personal Achievement Awards

  • Community Awards

  • Outstanding Achievement Awards in Business

  • International NGO Recognition

  • Arts & Media Award Submissions

  • Educational Achievement Awards

  • Pitches for Grant or Financial Prize Eligibility

  • Sales or Customer Service Awards

Our Personal Awards service is dedicated to individual achievement and recognition. For information on company business awards, contact our sister business, Bayleaf Awards.

How We Help You

  • We have a phone conversation with you where we discuss the personal award application process and how we can help.

  • We will give you an assessment of success according to the published criteria and provide you with a price for our services.

  • We start by creating a thorough and professional application and crafting a dedicated CV (if required) to submit to the awards committee.

  • We send you the draft for your approval and will perform unlimited iterations until we are both happy with the document.
  • The nomination will be submitted with any supporting documentation required.

  • Should any further stages be required, we will support you through further phases including the identification and coaching of referees, presentation creation and/or interview preparation.

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Insights and Updates

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