This service is the single nomination for a Queen’s Honour with all necessary detail to produce a compelling nomination.

Enter below the price agreed with Bayleaf Honours (either full or partial payment). Purchase is only confirmed when full agreed payment is made. (Details regarding the specific service provided for this flexible pricing are as agreed between the client and Bayleaf.)

For the avoidance of doubt, this product does not include the No Risk / Fee Refund provisions.

Included (unless otherwise agreed)

Initial detail questionnaire analysis 

Discussions with relevant contacts to gain information & background 

Completion of all sections of the nomination form EXCEPT supporters’ letters 

Unlimited revisions of the main submission letter* 

Coaching of supporters in writing supporting letters  

Not Included 

Supporters letter writing 

Fees involved in gaining supporting documents (eg certificates etc) 


(*Important Note – we do not make commitments about minimum word limits for the letters. There is no evidence that longer letters have a higher chance of success. We ensure that our writing is comprehensive and compelling.)