We have three services to suit your needs and budget

Valorem Nomination


(£1495* If Paid In Installments)

Provision of Guidelines for Supporting Letters

Writing of Nomination by Expert Writer

Support with Completion of Nomination Form

Submission Advice as Reqd.

(* exc VAT)

Quorum Nomination


(£2495* If Paid In Installments)


Up to 20 Supporters Letters (inc. editing & guidance)

Writing of Nomination

Supporting Documents


Each Additional Supporter £50*

(* exc VAT)

Money Back Guarantee


(£6495* If Paid In Installments)


Unlimited Supporters Letters (inc. editing & guidance)

Writing of Nomination

Supporting Documents


(* exc VAT)

Compare Service Features

Features Valorem Quorum No Risk
Case Assessment
Support Letters Sourced 20 incl Unlimited
Nomination Written 2000 Words No Word Limits No Word Limits
Collation of Supporting Documents
Online Submission Support
Dedicated Bayleaf Contact
Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked

What are the payment terms?

Full payment is made at the time of placing the order. We do offer payment plans of up to 12 months, but that incurs a £500 administration fee additional to the prices shown above.

Why are the prices shown excluding VAT?

The majority of our clients pay for the nomination through a VAT registered entity, so we choose to show pricing without VAT.

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

In brief terms, if the first nomination is unfortunately unsuccessful, we will re-create a second nomination using different material and supporters without any additional cost. And if that nomination isn’t successful, we will refund your entire fee. 

There are some further details about eligibility – you can find them here.

What happens after I place an order?

You will receive an immediate confirmation automatically from our system, and then within 24-48 hours, we will be in touch with you to complete an online “kick-off” questionnaire to gather all the necessary background information about the nominee.

Once we have received that, we will start on our full process which is outlined in this post.

Do these prices apply to every situation?

The prices shown apply to 95% of situations. We do reserve the right to refuse an order based on circumstances in rare circumstances or to discuss and agree a different price with a client based on the situation. Examples of such situations would be (not exhaustive) – overseas clients, clients seeking additional honours or clients who do not have necessary background to make a nomination likely to be seriously considered.

We also offer discounts to charities (at our discretion) and other individuals whose causes we support. We also undertake pro-bono work.

Are there any word limits to the nominations?

Not for our Quorum or our Money Back services. We will write (using our professional writers) the nomination in however many words we think necessary to tell the story in the most compelling way possible. Once we have written the first draft, we will continue to work with you on however many iterations are needed until you are 100% satisfied.

Do you help supporters to write letters?

When supporters agree to write a letter of support, we provide them some guidelines explaining how to write the most compelling letter possible. We find that the most effective letters are those written personally by the supporters. We do provide a service (depending on the service you choose) to write letters on behalf of supporters who are unable to do so, but we recommend avoiding that if possible.

What is your percentage success rate?

For many reasons, we don’t believe that is a fair and honest way to discuss performance. You can read those reasons here.

But the main reason is – this isn’t a lottery. To claim that we, or anybody, can transform a low-likelihood nominee into a near-certainty is misleading. We will give you an honest assessment of your chances (contact us here) and we never take clients that don’t have a realistic chance of success.

To read the latest news and get the very best insights from our team, visit our Insights and Updates page

Insights and Updates

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