Is It “Right” To Use A Service Like Us?

This is the most common piece of negative feedback we receive about what we do. There is a vague air of corruption about it, memories of “Cash For Honours”. Surely if somebody really deserves an Honour, they wouldn’t need to pay? And especially because it is a free system – anybody can make an application…

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What Do The Government Look For In A Queen’s Honours Nomination?

The changing priorities of the Queen’s Honours system From increased community recognition to improved social mobility, just how much have the Queen’s Honours priorities changed over the years? The very fact that Sir Hayden Philips recommended an increase in transparency with regards to the Queen’s Honours system back in 2004 is what makes this article…

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The Changing Honours System

History of the Queen's Honours

In an interview with Royal Central, our CEO Mike McKie was asked to discuss the Queen’s Honours system and the nomination process – specifically how it has changed in recent years, and whether this change is for the better. You can find the entire interview here. Given the current situation with COVID 19, it seems…

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