What Our Clients Say – Testimonials

Our clients expect and receive absolute discretion at all stages of the process. The clients below have provided their testimonials willingly, however to ensure confidentiality, their names have been initialized.

Experienced, professional and accessible. My experience with Bayleaf Honours was very enjoyable. I found the team there to be unpretentious, honest and transparent. My nomination was written in a compelling, comprehensive & timely manner. Their fees are fair and readily available. I had full access to all team members and felt my nomination was in the best hands.

S – Creative Arts

I wish had approached Bayleaf four years ago when first thought of engaging help for a Queen’s Honour. The level of detail knowing what is required, as well as the ability to coax the relevant information to support a successful application, I can say with experience, is second-to-none. Bayleaf’s approach that every individual is different – and so every approach has to be tailored – is both unique and also comforting that you’re giving yourself the best chance of recognition in the process.

J – Business Leader

From my very enquiry to the point of submission the service from Bayleaf put my mind at ease about using a service like this. They were polite, reassuring and understood my unique circumstances from the very start. There was no pressure at any point of the process but at the same time, clear direction on what the next steps were. If you have ever thought about making an enquiry, I would suggest you do as the team will put your mind at ease and talk you through everything from start to finish.

M – Youth Community Leader

What Bayleaf brought to the process was clarity and experience relating to what to include or not include in the application. Their sensitivity was absolutely spot on. They didn’t influence what was presented but helped present it in a way which I believe made for the clearest and strongest proposal. They didn’t dictate but offered gentle and valued opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and would recommend this reassuring support to anyone considering the process of nomination.

C – Arts & Media

Following an unsuccessful application with a competitor of Bayleaf, I am well qualified to provide a comparison between competing businesses. I have no hesitation in stating that, even though the fees at Bayleaf are a fraction of the competition, their service and approach was much better suited to my situation. I felt like I was listened to and my nomination reflected my experience and contribution very clearly this time around. They also identified “hidden diamonds” in my background that I had never thought would be important, but they helped to polish, find letters of support to add weight and they became significant parts of my final nomination.

I am very hopeful that once this nomination is evaluated, the outcome will be different. 

J – Entrepreneur

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