How to Get Knighted

The United Kingdom recognizes its citizens with honours, including knighthoods and damehoods from the Order of the Garter. The country also awards knighthoods to foreigners to recognise a positive impact on their work. Any UK citizen can nominate someone for a knighthood (or other Honour) in their name. When someone is nominated, they are subject…

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Our position on House of Lords nominations

Westminster & Houses of Parliament

We are today announcing that, as of today, we are officially pausing our support for House of Lords nominations. In recent years, the number of Crossbench appointments in the Upper House has been very low (on average less than 2 per year) and the profile of those appointments makes it seem highly unlikely, in our…

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UK Firm Offers Free Support to Boost Recognition of LGBTQ Activists

Fri, Jun 18, 2021 13:24 Bayleaf Honours, an agency that supports public nominations for Queen’s Honours through professionally researched and written applications, is celebrating Pride Month by offering free guidance to those putting forward LGBTQ-related individuals for consideration. During June, the team is removing fees for applications promoting charities, supporters, or activists that are tirelessly…

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House of Lords Application: Should I Apply For a Peerage?

Honours Nomination System

Learning how to join the House of Lords was once an impossibility for the average person. For hundreds of years, the peerage was largely hereditary or restricted to clergy. But now there are several routes to membership in the House of Lords. If you’re wondering if you should apply for a peerage, there are a…

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