Let’s Talk About Success Rates

Success Rates

OK, so we have talked about success rates before but understandably, the question keeps coming up from prospective clients – especially after they have talked to our competitors who use that number very heavily in their marketing as a way of justifying their pricing model. They challenge clients quite openly to come back to us…

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How Does Our Process Work? The Nuts & Bolts

Our Process - The Nuts & Bolts

Potential clients are often uncertain about our process and the order in which we do things. Well, it’s no secret – here are the steps The Planning Phase After placing the order, you will receive confirmation that the payment has been received (thank you!) with a link to a questionnaire. Complete our online questionnaire with…

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“Why did THEY win an Honour??” The Hidden Depths

How to stand out

When the Queen’s Honours lists are announced, it can be easy to criticise the selection. In some cases, it’s because the public feel that the recipient has done more harm than good – as can be the case with politicians’ knighthoods which often anger many people that petitions start circulating and social media boils with…

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How Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders win Queen’s Honours

the shard

“Awarded for Services to Business” – many entrepreneurs who read the Honours lists twice a year and see other business leaders who received an MBE, OBE or other Queen’s Honours with that citation think to themselves “Maybe me?” And why not? So what are the chances of business people winning honours and what is needed?…

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What Do The Government Look For In A Queen’s Honours Nomination?

The changing priorities of the Queen’s Honours system From increased community recognition to improved social mobility, just how much have the Queen’s Honours priorities changed over the years? The very fact that Sir Hayden Philips recommended an increase in transparency with regards to the Queen’s Honours system back in 2004 is what makes this article…

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MBE Nomination Advice – The Nuts & Bolts

buckingham palace gates

Or – what do I need to know about the MBE nomination process, in plain language – our best nomination advice. (The same things apply to all the awards – OBE, CBE, Knighthood etc. although the House of Lords is quite different.) So in no particular order, here are the 10 things we thing you…

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